The Sharp Machine Professional Sharpening System

The Sharp Machine Professional Sharpening System

ANYONE Can Achieve Professional Results With The Sharp Machine!

What's New at The Sharp Shop Online
Effective immediately, we are going to start having unannounced Flash sales that will last 24-72 hours. We may or may not announce them here. We will also be posting promo codes for discounts & announcements for Flash Sales off-site. Below is a list of other places where you might find discounts, promo codes & other announcements. Follow these places for deals not advertised here.

Facebook : Please Like & Follow this page. In the event that the website is down, this is our backup location for communicating with our customers. We will also have unannounced Flash Sales & promo codes posted here occasionally.- The Sharp Shop Online

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0% interest Layaway! Contact me if you are interested in this option.

Monthly Video Contest!

Beginning March 1, 2015

Post a video showing us your best work. Not just 1 knife. Show us what you can do. Think outside the box. Show how versatile you are with this machine! Add audio if you can & tell us what you are doing & how easy anyone else can do the same. You can start posting March 1, 2015. You must post your video on the video page under the Member's Videos tab. The contest will last for the entire month to give you time to give us your best! You can post multiple videos, but each video will be judged on it's own merit.
Representatives of RealSharp LLC will judge all videos & determine a winner. I will announce the winner as soon as our voting is done, usually within the first week of each month. Winner will receive a $25 store credit, & your video will be featured here & on the website & any other venue represented by The Sharp Shop Online.

This contest will start over on the 1st of each month & will end on the last day of that month. Any video submitted after the last day of the current month will be judged with other videos submitted during the current month. In January 2016, all monthly winners will be judged for the Video of the Year. The winner of the video of the year will receive a $100 store credit.

We are looking forward to seeing what you can do. If you are sharpening as a business, please let us know in your video.



Referral Rewards

Refer your friends and earn rewards! If you refer someone that purchases their own Sharp Machine, you receive a $50 store credit certificate. Make sure your referral let's us know that you referred them so you get your credit. Use your credits toward any store purchase. Redeemable for merchandise only. Must pay for shipping & handling.

Participation Rewards

Get FREE belts for your participation on this site! Leave a testimonial or participate in our forum and receive 1-10 Free sanding belts. Based on the value of your participation to our site. Your rewards will be determined by management. You will receive an email letting you know how many belts you have been rewarded. The more you participate, the greater the rewards. I hope you will all participate!

New Accessories

 We now have long decks (approx. 24" long) available for $25 with Free Shipping. This long deck is for sharpening blades over 12" long, up to approximately 28-30".  Expand your horizon. Order your long deck today. You will get a return on your investment almost immediately. I charge $1 per inch for blades over 12" long. Up to $3 per inch for heavy grinding.

We also have sword decks (approx. 36" long) available for $35. No more limitations! It is rare to find a blade longer than 36".

New Deck Material!

We are excited to announce that we have changed the deck material from oak to high density plastic (HDPE)! This new material is more stable than oak and easier for us to machine. You can upgrade your machine for the following prices.

Standard 12" deck..............................$15.00

Long deck (24")..................................$25.00

Sword Deck (36")...............................$35.00

Free standard shipping on all decks! Give your machine a more professional look. Not only does it look good, your clamps will slide better on this new material. All new Starter Packages come with these decks. Oak decks are no longer an option. We can't find straight enough boards anymore to make them cost effective.

Due to limits in my store items, if you would like to purchase one or more of these new decks, you can call your order in to us at 417-230-3732, you may go to PayPal, click on the send money tab, and send your payment to [email protected] Other options are to send a USPS Postal Money Order or personal check to; Gene Hoffpauir

112 Sabin Ave.

Rockaway Beach, Mo. 65740

I prefer that you call all orders in to me. My number is 417-230-3732. I accept Mastercard, Visa, American Express, and Discover cards, and your payment gets processed on the next business day. PayPal payments take 3-4 business days to transfer to my bank. Postal Money Orders can process in as little as 24 hours, and personal checks must clear my bank before they can be processed. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me. 



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  • "I collect knives. Untill I bought your machine a few years ago I coluldn't sharpen a knife in spite of a drawer full of knife sharpening gadgets, stones, books and systems. I ..."
    Jeff Graham
    Very satisfied customer!
  • "I was intrigued with the Sharp Shop Machine the first time that Gene sharpened my knife at the Jacob's Cave Swap meet in Versailles, Missouri. I had to have one, I contacted Gen..."
    Love it!!!

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