The Sharp Machine Professional Sharpening System

The Sharp Machine Professional Sharpening System

ANYONE Can Achieve Professional Results With The Sharp Machine!

Sharpening Instructions

Sharp Shop Machine (features)

*3 Preset Adjustable Bevel Control Vises (preset at 20, 25, 30 degrees

*Horizontal Belt Plate that doesn’t hollow out like oilstones
*Belt speed is less than 900 feet per minute. This lower speed prevents heat build-up.
*Round wheel sharpening systems hollow grind the micro edge making it flimsy and weak. This flat surface has a two-bevel step making a much stronger micro edge.
*Belt tension is spring loaded allowing for quick belt change.

Sharpening process requires three belts. STEP #1 Use course 100/120 grit ceramic metal working belt. STEP #2 Use fine 600 grit silicon carbide belt. STEP #3 Use felt buffing belt. Belt size for all three belts is 1”X30”.

  STEP#1 Place knife in vise. (middle of blade) Place stem of vise in the front groove of the plastic deck (the groove closest to the belt). The tip end of the knife should point to your left and perpendicular to the belt, apply light pressure while moving from left to right. Slide the stem of the vise as you move the blade across the belt.  As you approach the upsweep of the blade, stop the slide of the stem and pivot around to the point. Turn the knife over and repeat moving from left to right. Alternate from one side of the knife to the other until a burr develops on the edge. You can see this burr develop.

 Step #2 Change belts (use silicon carbide 600 grit). Place stem of vise in the front groove of the plastic deck and make 1-2 passes on each side to reduce the burr and remove grind marks from the first belt. Next, place the stem of the vise in the back groove of plastic deck (the groove closest to you) and make one pass on each side to set the micro-bevel. The micro-bevel gives your edge durability.

 STEP #3 Change belts (use felt belt). With belt moving, touch rouge cake to belt, applying an even coat. Place stem of vise in back groove of plastic deck (the groove closest to you) and alternate passes from one side of the knife to the other until the burr is removed. The edge will be very sharp.

PLACEMENT of the knife vise can be confusing. The vise will hold better if placed on a flat spot on the blade. It is better to place the vise in the middle of the blade, but sometimes the only flat spot is next to the handle. The other placement is the distance from the tapered end of the vise to the knife-edge. This distance should be as near to ½” as possible. This is not possible on a very small knife with a blade of only ½” width or on a knife with a blade of 2” in width. Narrow blades should be put in the vise just enough to safely hold the knife. On a wide blade (for example: a chef’s knife), you should slide the back of the blade into the vise as far as possible. On very narrow blades or very small knives, you may have to resort to freehand sharpening.
The stem of the vise is preset to produce a good strong bevel. The distance from the end of the stem to the vise plate is 2 1/8”, however this is adjustable. If you make the stem of the vise longer, you produce a higher angle or steeper bevel on the blade. Shorter stems create lower angle or thinner edge. Both stems should be the same lengths.

A NOTE ABOUT HEAT: All grinding methods create heat. If the blade gets so hot that the metal changes color, you have damaged the blade. The heaviest grinding is done with the course belt. If this belt is worn, you will need to apply more pressure and will create more heat. The course belt is the belt you will need to replace most often.

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