The Sharp Machine Professional Sharpening System

The Sharp Machine Professional Sharpening System

ANYONE Can Achieve Professional Results With The Sharp Machine!


Tell us about your experiences with your Sharp Machine. How long did it take for you to sharpen your first knife? What is your opinion of the edge produced with your Sharp Machine? If you are sharpening for hire, what do your customers say about their knives when they get them back and see how sharp they are? If you think the Sharp Machine is superior to other sharpening methods, tell us how and why. This is your chance to brag about your sharpening. We want to know about it.

Quotes The long deck works good on sharpening the swords & machetes, I say everyone sharpening should get one. Quotes
Brother Punkin

Quotes Hey Gene, Things are going well. Use the machine both to make a bit of spending cash for the store and as a service; anyone who buys a knife can bring it back anytime for sharpening. One guy comes in from time to time from across town with some high end stuff- did three knives the total value of which are in the $1200-$1400 range. It's a nice service to be able to offer, sells knives and brings people back. Matter of fact I've used it to sharpen knives for customers who buy guns, ammo, etc- it's just a neat service to be able to offer and people appreciate it- they are usually more than pleased with the results. I've also used it to buff a gun or two. Had a stainless revolver come in that had some scratches and scuffs on the cylinder; took about five minutes with the felt belt and it was good as new. Also use it to do freehand convex edges using the unsupported upper part of the belt- have done some larger knives and a couple of ax heads. Thanks, Chris Tenpenny Nashville Sporting Arms Quotes
Chris Tenpenny
via email

Quotes I bought my machine at the Tulsa arms show Gene was very helpful showing me how to use the real sharp system.I took it home and started sharpening knives i am getting better with each knife. I am very satisfied with the machine and would recomend it to any one interested in sharpening knives. Quotes

Quotes I was intrigued with the Sharp Shop Machine the first time that Gene sharpened my knife at the Jacob's Cave Swap meet in Versailles, Missouri. I had to have one, I contacted Gene and on a trip to Branson, Missouri I met with Gene and bought my machine. The first day I got home with it I had every knife in the house razor sharp. This is a quality sharpener, I have looked at a ton of other products and this is the one I think this is the best for the money. Let me tell you this, Gene is a great guy, he met me when I had time and he really took the time so I could really understand the possess of sharpening. Within a week I had my flyer (Scrivner Knife Werks) up at work and I have been sharpening about 3 to 5 knives a day, since. If you have any questions you are welcome to email or call me at [email protected] or 573-821-3540 Quotes
Love it!!!

Quotes I did my research when I decided to start my own sharpening business. I called Gene and he was very helpful in describing his product and he had some great marketing ideas. After researching various sharpening systems I decided to purchase the "Sharp Machine". I received my sharpener last week and was puzzled on the assembly due to not enough detail/diagrams on the clamp and the guide. Gene talked me through the details and that evening I went to work on some of my own knives. All I can say is this is undoubtedly the best sharpening system. I have since sharpened 50+ knives and the results are amazing. Once you get the hang of it you can put an unbelievable edge on a knife. For years I used a stone and this system is fast, effective and the results are incredible. I guess you can say I like the machine. Quotes
Russ Walker
New business owner

Quotes Machine arrived today, I set it up in my workshop area and sharpened my first three knives. OMG, I am very impressed with the results. First knife was an old kitchen paring type that would not cut a finger if one tried hard. After following the instructions, that thing was shaving paper strips from a sheet held in my hand. Second one was a very good pocket knife that I believe has a 440c blade. It too was shaving paper in just 4 minutes. They last knife was one I bought to sell, that came from Argentina, a very ornate, large bladed knife. Not the best of steel but decent. Again, shaving paper with just a minimun of work. I am impressed and very pleased. If it holds up to the wear and use, it will be fantastic. Thanks for getting it out to me so fast. Quotes
Cecil Tipton