The Sharp Machine Professional Sharpening System

The Sharp Machine Professional Sharpening System

ANYONE Can Achieve Professional Results With The Sharp Machine!


Tell us about your experiences with your Sharp Machine. How long did it take for you to sharpen your first knife? What is your opinion of the edge produced with your Sharp Machine? If you are sharpening for hire, what do your customers say about their knives when they get them back and see how sharp they are? If you think the Sharp Machine is superior to other sharpening methods, tell us how and why. This is your chance to brag about your sharpening. We want to know about it.

Quotes I was on the fence for literally years before I took the plunge and ordered this machine. I have used every other sharpener on the planet. I have been using this machine now for about 4 weeks and I have already made several hundred dollars. Compared to the other sharpening devices on the market, this machine is faster, better and easier! Quotes
Best Machine on the Planet!

Quotes I did a bit of sharpening with a stone for our personal use. I realized that a lot of people had great knives but they were not sharp anymore. That's where I found out that I could help them to sharpen their knives. By hand, it would have been too much time consuming. I was browsing through the web when I found out about the Sharp Machine. I placed an order and received the machine a couple weeks later. I started to sharpen immediately with some of my knives and did very well even with the first knife. I had some cards printed as l'AiGuyseur (French for the sharpener) I now had the machine since January and have sharpened close to a hundred knives. I do this part time and plan to do it full time soon. I am 73 years old, still actively working as a Product Advisor 40 hours a week. This gives me a chance to meet a lot of people and give a lot of cards. I am doing very well and people are impressed with the quality of their new sharpened knives. Thanks to you. It's a great machine. Quotes

Quotes I have been freehand sharpening for years, which was ok for my needs. I saw a local guy using the Sharp Machine and was instantly sold on the product. The edge produced is much more precise than any freehand work I could do. The ease of belt changes creates a much more unique sharpening for each individual blade, the speed of the belt changes saves huge amounts of time. This machine is well made and I don't see any reason why it wouldn't last many decades. My machine arrived on a Monday and I traveled to my first client that afternoon. He ended up so satisfied with the blades, and ease of service, he recommended me to his brother who owned a small chain of sub shops. No doubt that you will find great things said about the machine, but the satisfied customers that spread the word of the high quality edge the machine produced says much more. I have only had my machine for a week and do not regret the investment! Quotes

Quotes My name is Jack, and it was suggested to me by my neighbor that I start a sharpening business. He's been sharpening salon shears for 25 years. His suggestion was to sharpen knives, but I added the possibility of scissors, and garden tools also. Anyway..he had me look at the Sharp Machine, and explained to me the benefits of a multi belt system. I looked over the site, and liked what I saw. I emailed Gene a bunch of questions that were all answered promptly. Gene's customer service is OUTSTANDING!! I received my machine today, and the first knife I tried was a junk garden knife that with a couple of passes on the Real Sharp became shaving sharp and sliced through paper like hot butter!! I HIGHLY recommend this Sharpener..well built, and gives amazing results!! Thank you Gene!! Jack Carter Jack Carter Sharpening Service Quotes
Very Pleased With This Machine!

Quotes I am Genes Daughter Lisa and i have been sharpening for 3 1/2 years. i first started by helping him with everything else but sharpening while he sharpened. My first time sharpening for customers was at the Kansas City Gun and Knife Show. It was so busy my sister and her boyfriend took over what i usually did which was selling knives and getting customers knives in order to be sharpened. My dad got so busy he took out a new machine and told me to start sharpening, and between the two of us we had a hour to hour 1/2 wait time for sharpening. in his words " there is nothing you can screw up that i cant fix" and that was true. Now days i go to every show my dad does and I train new buyers and i enjoy and love sharpening on the Sharp Machine. Quotes
lisa hoffpauir
Father and daughter team

Quotes I want to begin by thanking Gene for his professionalism and knowledge that he has shared with me prior to and after the purchase of this fine machine. I have been sharpening for approx 18 yrs. During this time Ive sharpened knives using every technique imaginable. I started out with the oil stones, then wet stones and discovered the ceramic stone sharpening method. All are fine methods. However, as the business grew, I was looking for techniques other than electric sharpening machines to speed up the process with good quality results. I'm not a fan of running a knife blade into an electric sharpener and not being able to view what is happening with the burr. It's just not my style of doing things. I purchased the sharp machine 5 months ago and have paid for it 4 times over what I paid for it. Ive increased my business with Butcher shops and they love the edges that this machine produces. I credit this machine for my increased knife sharpening services. Will be buying another one. Quotes

Quotes I collect knives. Untill I bought your machine a few years ago I coluldn't sharpen a knife in spite of a drawer full of knife sharpening gadgets, stones, books and systems. I was to the point that I would just wait untill a local gun show or fair and I'd pack up 3 or 4 knives to take to let the "professionals" at the show sharpen them for me. Your machine has allowed me to finally sharpen my own knives!!! I get a great edge and I finally can see and understand what the heck the "wire edge" is that everyone always talks/writes about. I love your machine. If I can sharpen on it believe me, anyone can get a hair shaving sharp edge. Quotes
Jeff Graham
Very satisfied customer!

Quotes I have been using the real sharp system for two years now and I am very happy with it I have serveral repeat customers. Gene is very good with advise and customer service just give him a call if you need anything he will be glad to help thanks Gene Quotes
satisfied customer

Quotes I first saw a Real Sharp sharpening machine when Brother Punkin picked his up, well, Punkin didn't sharpen many knifes at home cause I hogged the machine ! I knew I just had to have one ! ya see, I've always had a "knack at sharpening as I worked in a saw mill, well this machine beats freehand and it's second to none ! #1 top quality ! I got a machine and took it home and had every knife in the house razor sharp in no time ( I can now sharpen 7 - 10 knifes in 1/2 hour ) Well the show I went to was only a 1 day show and 30 vendors and no room to walk - lol - so I was not expecting much, but I listened to Gene's advice and took out a couple of my "cheap" knifes and sharpened them, I soon had a group of people watching and when they saw how sharp the knifes came out I was getting customers ! I sharpened $120 worth and I can't thank Gene enough for taking me to shows and all the pointers he has given me ! He has been a God send ! Quotes
First time sharping at a show !

Quotes I have had the Sharp Machine for almost a year now and could not be happier with the quality of the machine itself or the ease of use to produce an extremely sharp blade. Of the hundreds of knives I have sharpened, I have not only ever had one single complaint, but have received many compliments and praise as to the quality and sharpness of the blades. On many occasions, after sharpening a customer?s knife, they have left only to come back with additional knives that they wanted to get sharpened simply because they were so impressed with how sharp their knife was. I have also repaired at least 50 knives whose tips were broken off anywhere from 1/8th inch to almost 1 inch with the customer being extremely happy with the results. To summarize, I know for fact that a lot of what I do for my customers would not be possible without Gene?s ?Sharp Machine?. I truly feel that this is the best sharpening system on the market today. Quotes