The Sharp Machine Professional Sharpening System

The Sharp Machine Professional Sharpening System

ANYONE Can Achieve Professional Results With The Sharp Machine!


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We believe this machine is superior to other sharpening machines costing much more.

The Sharp Machine is so easy to use that anyone can learn how to sharpen on it in one practice session. All you have to do is follow the instructions in the training manual. When you invest in our Sharp Machine, you receive a heavy duty quality American made product at a competitive price. Additionally, all of the Sharp Machine's custom parts have a LIFETIME warranty and the motor has a 1-year manufacturer's warranty.


Motor: Emerson 1/4 HP / 1750 rpm / 1/2" shaft, Manufactured in Mexico 1 year manufacturer's Warranty. 

Power: 115V 60 HZ / A 5.3 / SFA 5.9 

Belt Size: 1"x30"

Belt Speed: 875 Linear feet per minute

The Sharp Machine is built on an oak-veneer plywood base 10" wide & 20" long

Guide Rail material is HDPE

All other parts are custom made in the USA and carry a lifetime warranty

Manufactured in Forsyth, MO USA



  • Preset Bevel Control Vises
  • Horizontal Belt Plate that doesn't hollow out like oil stones
  • Belt speed is less than 900  feet per minute. This lower speed prevents heat build up.
  • Round wheel sharpening systems hollow grinds the micro edge making it weak and flimsy.
  • This flat surface has a two bevel step making a much stronger micro edge.
  • Belt tension is spring loaded for quick belt changes
Belt Centering lever is under the wood deck.
The motor is wired to run counter clockwise (CCW). The belt will be moving away from you and away from the edge of the knife.
Sharpening process requires three belts.
Step #1 uses course 120 grit ceramic metal working belt.
Step #2 uses fine 600 grit silicon carbide belt.
Step #3 uses felt buffing belt.
All grinding methods create heat. If the blade gets so hot that the metal changes color, you have damaged the blade. The heaviest grinding is done with the course belt. If this belt is worn, you will need to apply more pressure and will create more heat. The course belt is the belt you will need to replace most often. In some severe cases, you might even need to use an 80 grit ceramic belt. An 80 grit belt is used for repairing broken blade tips, or when making custom knives to get the first bevel correct. This belt removes metal much faster, and should be used with caution to prevent removing too much blade material.

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